Thursday, September 10, 2015

I sat down to write about you
To encapsulate who you are,
How much I love you,
What I feel when you’re close.
But all that came to mind
Was the soft, white-noise roar
Of silence, and a pounding word:
That literal distance between us
Has got me reaching blindly into the dark–
How did I manage before I knew you?
Could I have imagined the difficulty
Of being unable to just run to you
After a long day, or a hard night–
Could I have underestimated your importance
So completely?
I wanted to say, my love,
I miss your nearness.
I miss your arms around me,
And the way you would let our arms touch,
Ever so slightly,
Because you realized I needed to know you were there.
My darling, my sunshine,
Have I ever told you,
In the proper words and diction,
How much you mean to me?
Could I ever tell you,
In what short time we may have left?
You see, my love,
I am certain of very few things–
Only that children grow up,
And time is relative,
And life is short but bright,
Like a firecracker in the night of existence.
And, my love my darling my life,
I am certain that I will love you
Until all other certainties ring false.
Yes I know it’s dramatic, I know,
But oh, my sunshine, my only,
I love you.

(-o. a. p)

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